Eli Hansen


I created Keen Protein bars because I couldn't find a prepackaged healthy snack or protein bar that doesn't have soy or other food allergens in it. More than a year ago I found out that I am allergic to soy and walnuts. When I was trying to find a protein bar without soy protein I couldn't find one because most of the protein bars currently on the market have soy or whey protein in them and for those of us who are allergic to soy or dairy we can't eat them. Not only that, but a lot of protein bars contain more than one food allergen. Many contain not only soy or whey, but often they contain eggs, peanuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts, dairy or coconut. I decided to create Keen Portein bars so that anyone could eat them including people with food allergies and dietary restrictions. I also made sure that Keen Protein bars are made with real wholesome ingredients you can pronounce, they are vegan, non-GMO and have no sugar alcohols like erythritol (stevia), maltitol, sorbitol, etc. Not only that, but Keen Protein bars don't taste chalky like other bars. Keen Protein were made to so that anyone can eat them. We want everyone to - Stay Keen!