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Top 8 Allergen-Free and Top 7 Allergen Friendly

The Keen Protein Sunflower protein bar is top 8 allergen-free, meaning it doesn't have any of the top 8 food allergens in it. It has no eggs, gluten, soy, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish or shellfish in it. Our other three flavors (peanut butter, peanut butter dark chocolate chip and almond) are allergen friendly and have only a single food allergen. This means if you have a food allergy there is at least one bar that you can eat and if you don't have a food allergy then you can eat all of them!

Sunflower Protein Bar = Top 8 Allergen-Free

Peanut Butter Protein Bar = Top 7 Allergen-Free*

PB Dark Choc Protein Bar = Top 7 Allergen-Free*

Almond Protein Bar = Top 7 Allergen-Free^

* includes a single allergen - peanuts

^ includes a single allergen - almonds (tree nut)


Plant Based Protein (14-15g)

All of our protein bars have 14-15g of plant based protein. We use organic whole grain brown rice protein isolate with branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).

Real Food, Raw Natural Ingredients! Nothing Artificial!

Raw unprocessed and organic ingredients

No artificial sweeteners or flavors

No sugar alcohols (erythritol, maltitol, etc.)

Not chalky tasting

All natural